Enjoy cleaner water without the crappy chemicals



Safely purify & improve the flavor of even the worst backcountry water sources



PURINIZE® is unlike any other water purifier on the market. It's 100% non-toxic; utilizes a patented water purification technology that was developed in 1988. Its proprietary formulation of complex mineral salts works through the processes of Reduction-Oxidation (REDOX) and Coagulation-Flocculation (CF) and sterilizes water without the use of harsh chemicals.


Harsh chemicals, like chlorine dioxide (chlorine), tetraglycine hydroperiodide (iodine), and sodium hypochlorite (bleach) react with organic materials in water, creating toxic byproducts that are harmful to you and the environment. PURINIZE produces no harmful byproducts, is safe to use every day, even for children, the immune-compromised and pregnant women. And, PURINIZE will never leave a bad taste in your mouth or have a noxious odor.


PURINIZE provides added protection beyond bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. It protects against toxic, accumulative contaminants like pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, and more which make up the majority of pollutants found in outdoor freshwater and even municipal drinking water sources today.


Finally, when it comes to cloudy, turbid water, PURINIZE clarifies it by exposing microorganisms that otherwise would be hidden and protected from other water purifiers, especially UV products. Once opened and stored properly, PURINIZE remains effective indefinitely, and can be used to treat water at any temperature above freezing. 


PURINIZE bottle comes in different useful sizes – their lightweight, 30 ml easy carry, pocket-size was designed for on-the-go outdoor adventurists, and will purify up to 30 liters of water. Their 100 ml / 250 ml / 1000 ml bottles was designed as a convenient size for water storage; one bottle will purify up to 100 / 250 / 1000 liters of water and can be added directly to a rain barrel or water storage drum or over head water tank.


PURINIZE transforms portable water purification into something that works once and for all: an eco-friendly, highly effective, easy-to-use water purifier that makes safer, better-tasting drinking water for everyone to enjoy - anytime, anywhere. Safe for you, safe for the planet.


Based in the great lakes region, surrounded by the largest surface freshwater source in the world, PURINIZE knows how critical the quality of our freshwater sources is to the health of all living things. With that in mind, PURINIZE is committed to offering ground-breaking, affordable products that improve the quality and safety of water for all.


"When the water we consume is inadequate or impure, every cell in our body suffers." (Sheldon Saul Hendler, M.D. PhD.)





PURINIZE, a Michigan-based company, offers a new and innovative water purifier designed for travel, outdoor, and survival enthusiasts as well as emergency preparedness and water storage treatment. With over ten years working in the home and industrial water treatment markets, the founders of PURINIZE knew it was only a matter of time before they ventured into the outdoor and survival markets.


After researching the marketplace, the need for an alternative way to purify water on-the-go was clear. Conventional water purifiers use harsh chemicals that taste or smell bad, aren't safe for long-term use, are harmful to the environment, and aren't effective against the most common contaminants plaguing our 21st-century waterways. The PURINIZE Brand was developed as a better alternative to these subpar water treatments.


Clean and safe water is an area that was clearly recognized by UNCED in 1992, and the United Nations General Assembly recommended an international day to celebrate freshwater and to focus the world’s attention on the importance of clean water. 

Sri Medha Technologies (SMT) is a for profit, mission-driven company established to bring safe drinking water to everyone, everywhere by going one step further and has team up with Purinize, a Michigan, USA based company for bottling and marketing PURINIZE® worldwide. Clean water means more than safe drinking water to women and children in developing nations like India; it means time, freedom, and incentive to change their communities. Now, with PURINIZE® natural water purifier Clean and safe water to drink is just a small step away for so many people in many countries. 

It is absolutely amazing how easily the PURINIZE® portable water purifier to set up and how quickly clean, safe drinking water is produced. Clean water saves lives and we are hearing testimony after testimony how the PURINIZE® changing the lives of people and entire villages. No more sick kids. No more missed school or work. No more medical bills dealing with the results of drinking unsafe water. APT’s PURINIZE®  water purifier can meet the demand and change lives, globally!



Excellent product, Excellent price.

I never expected to find a product of this caliber at this price. I highly recommend this product.

MJ Hendi

Used this in India for a month and never had any stomach issues. A fine mesh strainer is necessary for crystal clear water if you only use the drops.


This product is amazing!

I usually buy Iodine, but I bought this and it worked very well. It's healthier for me than Iodine, obviously, since it is 100% natural.





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